Executive & Team Coaching


As you move up in the organization, your skill set needs to adapt. You also have fewer places to unpack challenges and get unbiased feedback. That’s where coaching can make all the difference.


People and teams are naturally creative, resourceful, and whole. Tap into coaching programs and services designed to bring out the best in your team and empower high performance, trust, innovation and resilience.

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Executive/ Leadership Coaching

Whether you’re a C-suite executive or middle- to senior-level manager, you’re responsible for complex, high-risk decisions that impact the performance and results of the organization. Executive coaching lets you unpack the issues with a trusted thought partner in an agenda-free environment so you can be a more effective leader.

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The combination of 360 feedback and individual coaching has been found to increase leadership effectiveness up to 60%.

HonE Your Leadership Skills for Success

As a leader and executive, you get things done by inspiring and motivating others – and your behavior, communication style, and management approach must be informed by a high level of emotional and social intelligence to be effective. 

Leadership coaching and 360 assessments help you identify strengths and gaps, assess your impact on others, and hone yourself into the sort of leader who models the values and culture you’re aspiring to create by bringing out the best in your team.

Executive coaching can help you to:

EQ-i 2.0 Leadership 360 Assessment

Typically we start our engagement with an EQ-i 2.0 Leadership 360 assessment so you can quickly identify any gaps between how you experience your emotional and social intelligence and how your behaviors are viewed by others. 

Mental Fitness Bootcamp

We run you through an 8-week Mental Fitness bootcamp built around the Positive Intelligence (PQ) program and powered by weekly 1:1 coaching to accelerate your learning and strengthen your practice.

Ongoing Executive Coaching

We then continue to build your leadership skills and self-awareness with ongoing 1:1 executive coaching sessions (scheduled based on your bandwidth and preferred cadence) for 3 to 12 months. And if you love the PQ program, you can also take advantage of the option to join an ongoing monthly PQ Learning Circle! 

High-Performance Team Coaching

Change is an inevitable part of a dynamic business environment, and the ability to navigate it successfully is a measure of the health of your organization. 

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Researchers have found that while organizations spend 80% of their training and development budget on workshops and training programs, these activities only account for 25% of the contribution to learning. 

To be truly effective, participants must be involved in the design (25% of learning) and actively engaged in post-program implementation and practice (50% of learning).

Multiple options customized to your team

Empower your team to collaborate and communicate effectively, surface issues in a healthy way, and build trust and resilience as a high-performance unit. 

I work with teams and organizations to:

For teams, we have multiple options available. As an Integrative Development Practitioner, I work with you and your team to customize a program that will not just provide temporary insights, but instead will support positive action and sustainable improvements.

Team Diagnostic Survey

Many of my clients like to start our engagement with a Team Diagnostic Survey and team debrief to quickly identify areas of strength and opportunity and to provide a roadmap for team discussions and activities. 

The Team Diagnostic Survey is based on decades of research by leading team design scholar-practitioners at Harvard University. It provides a reliable, validated tool to quickly surface underlying issues in the key areas that directly relate to successful team outcomes. 

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Mental Fitness

As a Positive Intelligence (PQ) Pioneer Coach, I have access to the powerful 6-week PQ program and app and have integrated this platform into an 8-week Mental Fitness bootcamp experience available to your team. Positive Intelligence is the measure of your ability to shift from a triggered, negative mindset to a calmer, more balanced perspective that helps you make better decisions.

The PQ program offered through my Mental Fitness bootcamp provides an accessible framework, common operating language, and engaging app that form the building blocks for increased emotional and social intelligence, increased ability to leverage strengths, improved communication, reduced stress, and greater resiliency.

We can run your team members through this 8-week Mental Fitness bootcamp built around the Positive Intelligence (PQ) program and supported by weekly group coaching to jumpstart their learning and increase engagement and practice. (And if team members love the PQ program, they can also take advantage of the option to join an ongoing monthly PQ Learning Circle!)

Ongoing Coaching to Support Learning

Ongoing team coaching and group coaching circles are available to support the team collectively and help ensure that positive changes are implemented and sustained over time. Individual coaching is also available to support executives, leaders, and high-potential staff members.


Team members may also benefit from participating in EQ-i 2.0 assessments (individual or 360s, depending on what is deemed most useful) or Energy Leadership Index (ELI) assessments to provide additional insights into their emotional and social behaviors and tendencies and how these might be impacting those around them. 


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