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Create conversations and dynamics that inspire and empower leaders and teams; build on strengths; and generate clarity, trust, and innovation.

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Focus Areas

Leadership Coaching

The most successful leaders bring a combination of emotional and social intelligence to the role. Empathy, authenticity, and coaching skills must be balanced with risk-taking, assertiveness, and inspiration. The ability to influence others becomes paramount to success. Learn more about coaching services and programs designed to help you hone your holistic leadership style. 

Team Coaching

Unlock your team’s potential with targeted assessment tools that get at the root causes of frictions, inefficiencies, burnout, and disengagement. Strengthen these insights with a mental fitness bootcamp experience designed to provide a common operating system as the foundation for long-term improvements to emotional, social, and relational dynamics among team members. Learn more about how we can empower your team to achieve a new level of excellence.

Mental Fitness

Mental fitness (Positive Intelligence, or PQ) is a measure of the strength of your positive mental muscles (Sage) versus the negative (Saboteur). Based on a synthesis of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, cognitive and positive psychology, and performance science, the PQ program strengthens the “Sage” part of your brain while weakening your internal Saboteurs. Learn how you can gain access to this program as part of my 8-week bootcamp experience.

Judy Wolf
Leadership & Team Coach

I’m a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and certified team coach who works one-on-one with executives and high-potential young professionals at Fortune 500 firms, government agencies, small businesses, and nonprofits and with teams and organizations looking to deliver high value for stakeholders, improve communication and alignment, find healthy ways to address conflicts and friction, navigate change, and build trust and cohesion.

What Clients have to Say

Executive leadership can be daunting, with few individuals who have enough understanding to walk through a process with you and yet enough distance to provide the space to speak candidly. Judy created intentional space and facilitated an introspective process that helped me develop a deeper awareness of who I am and who I expect to become, both as a leader and as a human being.
Ron B.
Executive Director
Working with Judy challenged me to think in new ways, look at problems from a new angle. You can read things online – tips on what you should do, how to reduce stress levels, articles from CEOs, that sort of thing – but talking with someone is different. You get feedback and the opportunity to actively think about how to apply it to your own life. As a small business owner, I spend a lot of time pondering for myself what I want to do, but vocalizing it to Judy made me more conscious of my goals – and held me accountable for actually doing it.
Tom R.
Small Business Owner

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