6 Team Conditions

Team Diagnostic Survey

The Team Diagnostic Survey™ (TDS) is the world’s #1 team-effectiveness instrument, developed by renowned Harvard scholar-practitioners Drs. Richard Hackman and Ruth Wageman. The online survey assesses teams on the six conditions of team effectiveness that predict up to 80% of a team’s ultimate success.

The resulting 27-page report helps teams and team leaders zero in on the levers that lead teams to becoming exceptional.

Psychometrically sound, peer-reviewed, and validated using data collected on over 1,000 teams globally, the TDS™ is the most rigorous and widely validated team-effectiveness instrument on the market today. Used by top teams in Fortune 500 companies, public sector teams, and nonprofit organizations, the survey ensures that your team gets off to the right start. 

The TDS can be used as a stand-alone assessment for diagnosing teams or incorporated as an essential component of a teambuilding or team coaching process. It is a powerful tool for guiding teams in the design, launch (or relaunch), and coaching phases of any team development effort.

The TDS Framework starts by identifying the six conditions that create an ecosystem that gives rise to team effectiveness. The six conditions are divided into two groups, each with three conditions.

Celebrating success after Team Diagnostic Survey
Team Diagnostic Survey heat map for coach debrief

The TDS doesn’t stop there. It then shows how these six conditions influence a team’s Key Task Processes (Effort, Strategy, and Knowledge & Skill) and ultimately Team Effectiveness (Task Performance, Quality of Group Process and Member Satisfaction).

The initial survey can also be bundled with Pulse Check Surveys – quick, three-minute check-ins that are fully validated against performance metrics and can be used to measure progress and show changes in the team over time.


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